Our most popular question.  Unfortunately, it's a challenging question to answer.  Humans come in all different shapes and sizes, and each individual has different preferences for fit.  One person may think a garment is too small/tight, while another person may think it is too loose.  

A similar question we receive is asking if our sizes are "true to size"...  Our answer would be "true to what?"  The issue is "true to size" is 100% subjective in regards to clothing.  There is no measurement/regulation of what is "true" size.  We wish there was as well.  Life would be so much easier.  The good news is that Hometown Apparel uses all popular national brands to fulfill our orders, and the majority of our apparel is of standard size.  A few of our garments are petite/slim fitted, and this is clearly noted in the product's description.

So how do you know if a shirt will fit?  Each apparel piece has a convenient size chart at the bottom of the product page.  To be 100% sure your size will fit, measure a shirt that you already own at home that fits great.  Then compare these measurements to the size chart.  Order the size with the closest comparable measurements.